Colin Geddes on the TIFF stage with Pascal Laugier, Morjana Alaoui and Mylène Jampanoï.

In 2008 Colin Geddes had the honour (some might argue that point) to present the International Premiere of Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs at TIFF.

The notorious screening divided audiences and even affected one member physically (“clean up in aisle 10!”) The film was scored by the French electronica duo Seppuku Paradigm, who also scored 2 other Midnight Madness picks, Eden Log and Red Nights. ⁣

Seppuku Paradigm, holding an award Colin presented them with at the Sitges Film Festival

Today we received in the mail a copy of the limited edition remastered soundtrack for Martyrs, signed by the director and Seppuku Paradigm. We are touched by this considerate act 10 years after the film rocked and shocked audiences at TIFF. ⁣