Sales and Marketing Consulting

As soon as you start thinking about making a movie, you need to start thinking about how to sell, distribute and market it. Over the past 20 years we’ve met everyone (really, everyone) in the genre film world, from financiers, talent agents and producers, to sales agents, distributors and festival programmers.

We can:

  • Identify sales and distribution goals
  • Make targeted lists of specific people and companies with whom your project will resonate
  • Match your project with the right partners
  • Create a comprehensive festival strategy and help you submit to the right ones

Whether your goal is financial recoupment, career advancement, or something else, we will craft a strategy to meet them. Our goal is to help you get your film to its audience.

“Colin and Kat are among the vanguard of genre tastemakers. Their work as producers and their international profile as curators and programmers put them on the bleeding edge of the morphing world of independent cinema. I have valued their perspective on the art and the business for years.”

Vincenzo Natali
(Filmmaker, In the Tall Grass, Splice, Cube)