We’ll make your movie better.

From honest, market-driven story and script support, to edit notes and post-production assistance, to sales, distribution and festival strategy, we will help you make your movie better.
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Script and Story Consulting

Whether you are fleshing out an outline, crafting a treatment or need feedback on a full draft, we can provide objective, market-driven notes to improve your structure, sharpen your hooks and deepen your characters. All our clients get detailed notes and in-person or Skype advice on genre, target audience, and commercial potential, as well as help on how to position, package and pitch their project.

Sales and Marketing Consulting

As soon as you start thinking about making a movie, you need to start thinking about how to sell, distribute and market it. While most filmmakers hope that someone will buy their film and take care of all those details, the savvy ones know it is rarely that easy. Together, we will identify goals (from financial recoupment to career advancement and more), and craft a targeted sales and marketing strategy that will meet them.

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Post Production Consulting

So, you’ve made a film and you’re not sure what to do next? We can help. We can watch your film with fresh eyes and offer specific edit notes designed to sharpen your story and increase its commercial potential. Once your edit is locked, we can also help you craft a comprehensive festival strategy, identify the right premiere, and target the right programmers and audiences for your movie.

Ask Us Anything 

If you know that you need help but don’t know what kind, book a one-hour exploratory call with us to talk about the options. This is the fastest and most affordable way to get solid advice or feedback and find out whether you want to work with us further.

We also make movies

In addition to providing support to filmmakers at all stages of the process, we also make our own movies. We’ve produced several successful genre films that have premiered at festivals such as SXSW, Fantasia, Fantastic Fest and others, and have gone on to successful sales, theatrical engagements and wide digital availability. We do not accept unsolicited scripts for production, but if you’d like to work with us, get in touch.