Hot off the digital presses, comes the long awaited update of our TO tip list!

You can download it here: Colin & Kat’s TO Tips 2019

It has been five years since we sent the last one out, but we’ve been busy with a little production (who just started his second year of pre-school today). A number of places have changed or closed, so we have given the list an overhaul.

Please feel free to share this with any friends you know who are in town for the festival or are visiting our lovely city at any time!

Colin & Kat’s T.O. Tip List was initially created when TIFF moved from the old stomping grounds of Yorkville to the newly opened TIFF Bell Lightbox on King Street. We knew that many of our out of town industry pals would be struggling to find new places now that they were far removed from old haunts like Hemingways and Bistro 990 (which closed in 2012). The list grew and became very popular, circulating wide and far within the industry. It has been fun getting recognized by strangers who’ve seen the awesome caricatures that our friend Steve Manale made!

If you have any suggestions or corrections, let us know as we will be working to improve it for 2020!

Enjoy exploring and discovering the many things that our city has to offer. And have a great Festival!!!


Colin & Kat