Script and Story Consulting

We will evaluate your project’s potential in the international market and give you honest advice about how to proceed, obstacles to look out for and suggestions on how to move forward.

Depending on our level of engagement, all clients receive written feedback and/or in-person or Skype meetings with us. We offer many types of script and story consulting for writers and filmmakers:

  • Assistance with expanding an outline or treatment into a first draft, or writing a concise synopsis or pitch document
  • Clear notes on a completed screenplay to give you market focus for the next draft
  • Detailed advice on structure, plot, tone, character development and story
  • Market-driven notes on the commercial potential of your film
  • Ongoing support through the writing of multiple drafts
  • English-language polish for scripts translated from another language

Hire us to get (very!) honest feedback and give your project focus and a better chance in the market. Rates vary so contact us to discuss.

“Kat and Colin understand movies at a cellular level, and are consistently at the vanguard of modern cinema, both in their own projects and the projects they’ve discovered and supported. They are the real deal.”

Simon Barrett (Director, Seance; Screenwriter, Blair Witch,
V/H/S/2, V/H/S, The Guest, You’re Next)