Photos of Colin Geddes and Katarina Gligorijevic

We are Ultra 8 Pictures.

For 20 years, Colin Geddes was one of the world’s most experienced film programmers, in charge of the longest-running and best-respected selection of genre cinema at any top-tier international festival–TIFF‘s Midnight Madness. During that time, he honed the instincts necessary to know what distinguishes a good genre film from a breakout hit, and the skills and knowledge to be able to get filmmakers to the next level of their careers.

With his partner Katarina, who brings writing, editing and hands-on production experience to Ultra 8 Pictures, they have successfully produced several films and helped many others find the right festival premiere or the right home with a sales agents or distributors. They provide an Executive Producer service – giving objective and seasoned advice and support at any point – or throughout – the entire filmmaking process.

Colin Geddes

Founder & Producer

From 1997 to 2017 Colin selected cutting-edge films for the Toronto International Film Festival, where he was in charge of the Midnight Madness and Vanguard programmes, specializing in diverse international genre cinema. He introduced countless new filmmakers to their first international audiences, and is one of the world’s foremost horror film experts.

Colin has also done acquisition consulting for international sales and distribution companies, and worked with filmmakers on marketing, sales and festival strategy. In addition to his curating and consulting efforts, he is also a producer with over a dozen credits to his name. He currently works as a curator at Shudder, the leading online video network for horror fans.

Katarina Gligorijevic


Katarina is a writer, editor, curator and producer with over a decade of experience in the Canadian film industry and the genre film world and a several feature film producing credits to her name. Her writing has appeared in many online and print film publications and non-fiction essays have been published in several anthologies.

Since 2007, she has also worked with REEL CANADA, an organization dedicated to introducing students to the power and diversity of Canadian film through hundreds of annual one-day film festivals. Over the years, Katarina has been in charge of Festivals, Operations and Special Projects at REEL CANADA, and she is currently Manager of National Canadian Film Day – Canada’s first national cultural celebration.